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Why wear an airbag?

As mentioned, your safety comes first. Regardless of whether you are involved in high-stakes competition jumping or consider yourself more of a leisure rider, the potential of a fall is equally relevant. Upon impact, the airbag is activated in a fraction of a second and inflates to cushion your fall. By doing so, you are at a significantly lower risk of obtaining serious injuries. Airbags of this sort are versatile and are a welcome ally even outside of the riding arena. Don’t cut your riding career short due to a lack of precaution!

Can I use my existing airbag system with THEquestrian airbag compatible pieces?

This depends on the type of airbag system you have. Depending on the model, fit, and size, we cannot guarantee it will be suited to wear with THEquestrian pieces.

What is the difference between a jacket that is airbag compatible and one that isn’t?

Jackets that are not constructed with the airbag in mind compromise its ability to provide maximum protection. Our pieces that fit to wear over your airbag are designed to give in to the pressure thanks to the use of stretch material in constructing the jackets. As a result, the airbag can fully deploy and provide comprehensive coverage to cushion the impact and prevent severe injuries while the jacket remains completely intact. Moreover, by facilitating the smooth dispersal of the airbag’s pressure, it minimizes the risk of localized pressure points, which could lead to bruising.

For a demonstration, see our video filmed at the Helite facilities during testing.

Who is Helite?


Helite is a leading provider of innovative airbag technology across numerous industries, including equestrian sports, motorcycle riding, and general personal safety. Their services include the development, manufacturing, and testing of high-quality airbag systems and airbag-compatible clothing. Their cutting-edge technology detects falls or sudden movements and inflates the airbag within a fraction of a second to provide cushioning to minimize the risk of injury. As a leader in this field, THEquestrian has worked with Helite to certify a selection of our products through rigorous testing, guaranteeing their compatibility with airbag systems.

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