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Explore our new designs and colors for Spring/Summer 2023. Get the fashion you need to be the trendsetter of this season. From Breeches to Hoodies you will love our new seasonal colors OCEAN, INDIGO, HOT MAGENTA and SHOCKING BLUE.

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About us

For the love of horses

We are first and foremost a team of horse lovers and passionate equestrians. Our dedicated designers ride, our marketing team ride, our kids ride. We eat, sleep, repeat horses. That's why there is so much passion in every product we create, every garment performs, because we understand what it means to be an equestrian, its more than a sport, its a lifestyle!


Coming soon... meet our amazing Tommy Girls and Boys taking on the challenging and extremely rewarding equestrian world with their beautiful horses, learn how they got started, why they love horses, what else they are passionate about and of course why they can't live without Tommy Hilfiger Equestrian.


We focus on rider and horse. Our way is sustainable. We support and promote sustainability in equestrian sport as well as in the development and manufacturing of our products. Click to learn more about the Tommy sustainability mission.


Got a question, need some help, want to learn about our care instrucitons or our scan and trace features on our label? Click here to find our most frequently asked questions.

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